Spring Break

ON THE ROAD EDITION: Spring break is here!!🙌🏼 And it couldn’t have came at a better time because this week was pretty crazy! Going to Kansas City to eat a lot of good food and hopefully getting more sun than Michigan🤞🏼Here’s what I brought for breakfast on the way! And it’s filled with a good […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Leeks are a great source of Vitamin K (59% of DRV!) and are in season right now! They have a mild, onion taste and are great cooked in stews and soups! Similar benefits to garlic and onion- You probably already know that eating garlic and onion can help prevent and get rid […]

WHY? Grapefruit

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Grapefruit: Why eat grapefruit? High in vitamin C and Vitamin A. Means healthy immune system and vision Has pectin- helps remove arterial buildup High in antioxidants Fiber- supports a healthy digestion Healthy heart thanks to potassium, lycopene and choline 91% water- HYDRATION! There are many ways to eat grapefruit! I usually just […]


These are the perfect types of meals for super quick and simple healthy eating. You can probably find a power bowl on any of your favorite Instagram foodie accounts. They provide all the good things in a pure and simple way! Mine usually include a sweet potato base, some kind of green, roasted vegetables, protein, […]

Fat Bombs

Car drives call for good snacks! These will keep you full and satisfied because they are filled with good healthy fats and protein! Definitely a good thing to have while driving or traveling! Try them out on your next trip and tell us what you think! Fat Bombs (print here ) Ingredients: 1 cup shredded coconut […]