Brussels Salad

Who is loving Brussels sprouts lately?? WE ARE! They have such a bad rep but I think that is because people have been just boil them or steaming them. This makes them taste bland and get very mushy.. Ew. We have been adding them to many dishes and today were gonna show you how you […]

Banana Cinnamon Roll

Oh cinnamon rolls why do you have to be so good? And, most importantly, why do you have to be filled with empty calories?? Don’t worry! Today I’m sharing a super simple recipe that everyone will enjoy and its made with all the good ingredients 🙂 Who needs Cinnabon anyway? Banana Cinnamon Roll  (print here ) […]

Healthy Travel

Ohh travel. It is so fun and filled with memories! But if you’re road tripping it gets hard to eat the things that make you feel your best. My sister and I are taking a 10 hour road trip for a weekend vacation and I just wanted to share ALL DA FOOD! During road trips, it […]