WHY? Flaxseeds

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Flaxseeds HIGH IN FIBER- Flaxseeds have 8 grams of fiber in an ounce. Flax seeds contain 20-40% of soluble fiber and 60-80% of insoluble fiber. Its important to get some insoluble fiber into your diet because this is what feeds your bacteria in your large intestine! OMEGA 3s- Heres those omegas 3 fats […]

WHY? Broccoli Sprouts

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Broccoli Sprouts! Which I sprouted myself!! Its super easy too, All you gotta do is buy some broccoli sprouting seeds (we bought the Mumms brand off of Vitacost) Then, in a pint sized mason jar, put one tablespoon of the seeds and fill with water. Place cheese cloth over the top of […]

WHY? Ginger

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Ginger PREVENTS STROKE- Actually ginger, onion and garlic all of anti-clotting abilities which help prevent strokes and heart disease DIGESTION- Ginger has been shown to ease the stomach and support healthy digestion so what you eat can be absorbed and the waste can be pushed out IMMUNITY- Do you ever drink ginger […]


Been experimenting with banana flour lately🍌 and it has quickly became my favorite flour to work with! Its was kinda hard to get right (i made these three times😳) But it’s totally WORTH it! It definitely absorbs a lot of moisture so this batter should be pretty wet👍🏽 Ohhhh and it’s cheaper than all the […]


Happy Monday! I bought some dried lavender and I’ve been trying to think of how to use it… so I decided to infuse the flavor into some popsicles and they were pretty good!!! More lavender recipes to come maybe😉 Lavender Blackberry Chia Popsicles (print here) Makes 8-10 popsicles Ingredients: 1 6 oz container of blackberries […]

Happy 4th!!

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US🇺🇸 To make things extra special today make this super simple and delicious rhubarb bake! It’s tart which I love but feel free to add honey or coconut sugar or something like that. This is perfect to add to shortbread instead of just using strawberries or adding it […]

Very Green Casserole

“Cheesy” Broccoli & Zucchini Noodle Casserole (print here) makes one 9×9 pan Ingredients: 1 small broccoli, cut into florets 2 medium carrots, chopped 1/3 cup basil, fresh 1 cup shredded chicken 1 cup chicken bone broth 1 cup water ½ tsp. salt ¼ tsp. pepper 1 tbsp. lemon juice ¼ cup nutritional yeast 1 small […]

WHY? Beets

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Beets Yes I know, when you think of beets you probably don’t think about how delicious they are. You probably think of those smushy ones that come from a can. But seriously guys, fresh beets can be AMAZING! And they are pretty great for you too! FOLATE- One cup of beets provides […]

The Gut Micro…what

The gut microbiome. If you haven’t heard of it, I would be very surprised. It’s pretty much the bacteria that makes up your intestines and it has become a very popular word in the health and wellness community. You are more bacteria than you are regular cells… I’ve heard that the bacteria in our bodies is 10:1 compared to human cells! That is CRAZY! And scientists have also learned that our microbiomes are as unique as we are. They can be affected by diet, lifestyle, where you live and what your parents gave you.

The microbiome is still new and a lot of research is still being done but some of the functions include digestion, production of some vitamins, and it plays a role in the immune system (source). It is pretty important in our bodies and we are just now finding that out.

Because we haven’t really cared about are intestines we’ve made some huge mistakes about what we should be consuming and how it’s prepared (Ahem… processed foods, fast foods, over consumption of food overall, conventional raised meat, genetically raised foods…… sooo pretty much the standard American diet). And then we decided that is was a good idea to stop cooking our own food and start buying TV dinners. And then, in about 1960 we decided that is was a good idea to start used the Chorleywood bread process. This is a process involves using a low-protein wheat, additives and high speed mixing which can make bread from dough to sliced and packaged in about 3 and 1/2 hours. This means no fermentation… which I think caused our bread to become harder for us to digest and caused a rise in gluten sensitivity. Fermentation actually helps break down the gluten molecules which is way I don’t think its really gluten that we should be blaming the way its prepared. (Whoever is gluten sensitive and is up for experiment should definitely try a slice of good quality sourdough bread and see how you feel afterwards and then come back and tell us!)

OK I kinda went off on a tangent but its all for your health! So to summarize “we are what we eat” is a very true statement and what we’re eating is not so great. And know we will talk about obesity. There was a study done by Cornell University and Kings College London in 2014. This study showed that individuals with a low body weight carried a types of bacteria called Christensenellaceae minuta. So they took this bacteria and put it in the guts of mice which resulted in the mice losing weight. Study author Prof. Tim Spector of King’s College London said, “Our findings show that specific groups of microbes living in our gut could be protective against obesity.” I don’t really know some people have this type and bacteria and others don’t but its proof that the gut microbiota is very real and can cure a lot of our modern diseases.

So how do you go about making your gut healthier? You start by eliminating common inflammation causing foods like processed foods (obviously), grains, dairy, sugar, and legumes (except for chickpeas and lentils I think). There can be more then this and some of these you will actually be ok with. It just depends on you because you are a unique individual 🙂 So you will want to find those sensitivities and eliminate them as well. For me, I am sensitive to eggs… so I try to avoid them (healing your gut could also heal food allergies/sensitivities. I don’t know if this is true but it is worth a shot!) And then you’ll want to add in ALL DA VEGGIES (this gives you a chance to explore new and exciting foods!) Fermented foods like sauerkraut (make sure its fermented and not just pickled) and kombucha because these contain good digestive bacteria strains. Add in some good healthy fats (look into it here) and some quality grass-fed beef (look into it here) and your bacteria will be doing a HAPPY dance!! And for supplements you can definitely add a good quality probiotic! It is important to get a good quality brand here which can be more expensive but if it isn’t a good brand the probiotics in the capsule will never make it to your intestines (because of stomach acid and other factors) and you will not get any of the benefits. I just bought some from here. I haven’t started taking them yet but I will see how I like it. You can also take digestive enzymes, L-Glutamine, fiber, collagen powder and a few more that I haven’t really done any research on. But remember you CANNOT supplement a bad diet!!!!!!

Now this might seem really hard to do, especially with most foods that the average American consumes on a regular basis involves most or all of the ingredients being eliminated. But everyday is a new day, just start by focusing on REAL FOOD! By doing this you easily eliminate some of the problematic food. And remember, this post is not suppose to force you into something, it is meant to simply give you some facts (and some opinions haha😉) about how to live your healthiest lives!!

No Grain-Ola

OHHH BOY! For some reason I have been craving cereal?? (Whyyy???) And this paleo granola just kicked that craving to the curb! Seriously so good! All the taste without all the adding chemicals and other questionable things in cereal… I think its the crunch that makes it so addictive but DO NOT worry this is […]