PB Pudding!

Tapioca pudding is a new fav👌🏼 And the best part is creating and trying new flavors of course!!! I love peanut butter so this recipe just had to happen😬 Enjoy!! Peanut Butter Tapioca Pudding (print here) Makes about 2 cups Ingredients: ¾ cup small tapioca pearls 1 ½ cups milk of choice 3-5 dates ¼ […]


Been experimenting with banana flour lately🍌 and it has quickly became my favorite flour to work with! Its was kinda hard to get right (i made these three times😳) But it’s totally WORTH it! It definitely absorbs a lot of moisture so this batter should be pretty wet👍🏽 Ohhhh and it’s cheaper than all the […]