Garden Veggies!

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Broccoli 🥦 My mom used to make broccoli every night which made me hate it for about 5 years. But no worries I’m back to loving it😉 And I’m glad I am becaus broccoli has some good benefits! We’re growing it in our garden too! 1. GETTING RID OF HEAVY METALS – broccoli […]

Instant Pot Beef

Happy Sunday friends! Heres and easy meal to make thanks to the wonderful Instant Pot! We’ve been using ours so much to make lots of things! This way you can still make lots of really yummy food but you don’t have to worry about starting it in the morning 🙂 We made baby pepper nachos […]

“Cheese” Squash Sauce

“Cheese” Sauce (print here ) Ingredients: 2 roasted acorn squash 4 roasted garlic cloves 4 roasted tomatillos 2 roasted jalapenos 1 tsp. cumin ¾ cup nutritional yeast 1 tsp. salt Almond milk, unsweetened Directions: In blender, add all ingredients and blend until smooth If serving warm, pour into ceramic dish and place in oven until warm […]

Mexican Shredded Chicken!

Looking for a really easy dinner? This is super easy and it’s in a crockpot!!! It makes a perfect weekend dinner if you put it on tacos, nachos (we did this with homemade potato slices! Sooooo good!!), or even put it on some mixed greens👍🏽 add guac to make it even better😉 Mexican Shredded Chicken […]