Carrot Cake Muffins

Easter is coming soon which always makes me think of bunnies and that makes me think of carrots and that makes me think of carrot cake!!!😬 So I whipped up these muffins using carrots, pears, and ginger and they turned out so good! You gotta try them out 🥕Carrot Cake & Pear Muffins🍐 Ingredients: 1 […]

Cinnamon Crunch Muffins

Happy Wednesday!! I really like muffins because they are the perfect size and super easy to bring with you! Tried to do a gluten free crunch topping and I think it turned out pretty good! But this picture was taking when I made the first batch… they didn’t turn out as good but I made […]

Chocolate Covered Orange

Got to NYC today!!🎉🎉  made these muffins a couple days ago with banana flour again! It’s super easy to use and is completely gluten-free, nut free and egg free! Orange chocolate flavored because citrus is in season and I LOVE it!! Orange Chocolate Muffins Ingredients: 1 cup banana flour zest of 2 oranges or 3 […]

Ginger Muffins

It’s been very snowy lately🙃 Yesterday I was walking to class and I only almost fell twice so we’re all good!😂 I have one more exam!!!!! So excited to be done for a little while! (I can make recipes all day now😉) Today I have a recipe for gingerbread muffins!! I might try a different […]

Grain-Free Muffins

Another banana flour recipe!!! I think I got the hang of this flour after like 5 tries😅 This flour absorbs a lot of moisture which I great because you can use less flour and still get MORE muffins!!!! 1 cup of flour makes 12 muffins because this batter is like seriously so liquidy, it’s crazy! […]