Back to School Time

Back to school time already!! This recipe is a lifesaver because quick breakfast is usually the way it goes for me😜 Granola is easy to make ahead of time and can save you time in the morning and you can also bring it for snack. I don’t like buying granola though because it usually has […]


Is there anything better than granola in the morning?🤔 Especially when it’s ginger maple flavor AND there’s no grains just seeds!!🤗 If you love ginger like me you will love this! But if your not to into ginger feel free to omit it and just make some maple granola! Oh and did I mention it’s […]

Seed Granola

When your craving cereal you make granola💁🏻 SEED granola to be exact! Filled with fiber from the hemp seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds!!!!! I also added turmeric and cinnamon to help fight against inflammation PLUS they taste good together😬 Seed Granola (print here) Ingredients ¼ cup hemp seeds ¼ cup flax seeds 2 tbsp. […]