Cranberry Orange Cookies

Fridays are for cookies!☺️ Grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and nut-free!!! Tigernut flour is one of my favorite grain free flours to use! It has a similar texture to regular flour and it taste great!!! Cranberry Orange Cookies (print here) Makes 9 cookies Ingredients: 1 chia egg, 1 tbsp. ground chia seeds with 3 tbsp. water ½ […]

A Dolla Makes Me Holla

Silver dollar pancakes that is haha😉 I’m not trying to be biased or anything but these pancakes are BOMB! But it was a little tough making sure they were small enough to flip. If they aren’t small they will break unfortunately 😦 BUT these are WORTH IT!!!! Coconut Almond Silver Dollar Pancakes (print here) Ingredients: […]

Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Since it’s the weekend, I thought I would share a treat with you! And these are seriously delicious and perfect to swap out for the unhealthier cookies! They are grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar free, and so so so good!!! Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookies (print here) Makes about 3 dozen small cookies Ingredients: 1 16 […]