Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Molasses is a deep, strong flavored sweetener that is usually added to Christmas bakes. It is one of my favorites and it actually has some really good benefits, so now you have an excuse to eat gingerbread men Here were talking about blackstrap molasses which is the one highest in nutrients! IRON- […]

Ginger Muffins

It’s been very snowy lately🙃 Yesterday I was walking to class and I only almost fell twice so we’re all good!😂 I have one more exam!!!!! So excited to be done for a little while! (I can make recipes all day now😉) Today I have a recipe for gingerbread muffins!! I might try a different […]

Gingerbread Time

This has been a lonnnggg week! And a fun weekend of traveling around Chicago but let me tell ya, I am EXHAUSTED! This week greets me with a huge test on Tuesday🙃 so a super simple and easy recipe that I can just eat and go was in order😉 and since it’s christmas time I had […]

Gingerbread season???

But seriously! You can enjoy gingerbread whenever right… right?😶 I say YES!!!! I was hardcore craving gingerbread and I LOVE banana bread so this was a win-win! And actually spring/summer time is the best time to have gingerbread because then its like Christmas without the snow🤗! Again, a win-win situation! And while making this I […]