Chicken Salad

This is something you can make for any meal and it’s super easy!! Perfect for those days that you don’t want to cook ha! And really easy to pack for lunches. Plus it tastes DELICIOUS!!😬 No Mayo Chicken Salad (print here) Ingredients: 2 cups shredded chicken 1 avocado ½ cup tahini 1 lemon or lime, […]


What was for lunch? My lunches usually involve bowls of pretty much anything and everything! This helps me be creative and have something different everyday!! Just because you have shredded chicken in your fridge doesn’t mean you have to use it the same way everyday. Thinking like this will make your food more interesting and […]

ONE PAN Chicken and Veggies

Today we’re sharing a super easy dinner for your Monday! And it taste 👌🏽 You need to try this out and there’s really now excuse because it is just DELICIOUS!!!!! Also you can totally customized what kinda veggies you want or just whatever you have! Hope you enjoy! Mediterranean One Pan Chicken and Veggies Ingredients: […]

Mexican Shredded Chicken!

Looking for a really easy dinner? This is super easy and it’s in a crockpot!!! It makes a perfect weekend dinner if you put it on tacos, nachos (we did this with homemade potato slices! Sooooo good!!), or even put it on some mixed greens👍🏽 add guac to make it even better😉 Mexican Shredded Chicken […]