Gingerbread Time

This has been a lonnnggg week! And a fun weekend of traveling around Chicago but let me tell ya, I am EXHAUSTED! This week greets me with a huge test on Tuesday🙃 so a super simple and easy recipe that I can just eat and go was in order😉 and since it’s christmas time I had […]

Breakfast Cookies

Cookie Wednesday🍪 And these are pretty healthy! I even called them breakfast cookies because you can totally eat dessert for breakfast with these! And they are really simple and easy to make and use cranberries!!! I’ve been LOVING cranberries lately and trying to add them to everything😬 Banana Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies Makes 10-12 cookies Ingredients: […]

Lemon Bread

HAPPPPYYY Monday!! At this point of the semester I feel like I need an extra push😩 school is exhausting! I have a very busy week ahead of me but I will try my hardest to make everyday the best! My weeks motto is “You got this!” And trust me, I will need to look back […]

Seed Granola

When your craving cereal you make granola💁🏻 SEED granola to be exact! Filled with fiber from the hemp seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds!!!!! I also added turmeric and cinnamon to help fight against inflammation PLUS they taste good together😬 Seed Granola (print here) Ingredients ¼ cup hemp seeds ¼ cup flax seeds 2 tbsp. […]

Coco Cauliflower Smoothie

Welcome to Pure and Simple Kitchen, where all the smoothies are a very appetizing color😬 One day I will make a pretty smoothie I PROMISE!😂 Anyway here’s another no fruit smoothie and this time I added protein and sweet potato! No fruit smoothies makes me have to be a lot more creative with my combinations […]