Going Bananas

I’ve been wanting to post this recipe for almost 2 weeks😅 Getting into rhythm of school, work and volunteering has been a challenge but I think it’s starting to get better! Here’s a fall inspired banana bread!! If fall did not lead to winter than I would actually like it because fall flavors are delicious! […]

Breakfast Cookies

Cookie Wednesday🍪 And these are pretty healthy! I even called them breakfast cookies because you can totally eat dessert for breakfast with these! And they are really simple and easy to make and use cranberries!!! I’ve been LOVING cranberries lately and trying to add them to everything😬 Banana Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies Makes 10-12 cookies Ingredients: […]

Banana Flour Banana Bread

One of my favorite things ever is banana bread😍 And with all of the struggles of grain free baking sometimes it doesn’t come out exactly right haha! I made this 3 times to perfect it but really I’m not complaining because I loved it soooo much!!! And NO SUGAR ADDED!!! Just good old fashion fruit🍌🍇 […]


Matcha Avocado Popsicles Ingredients: 2 bananas 1 avocado 2 tbsp. peanut butter 1 1/2 tsp. matcha powder ½ cup spinach ( I promise you won’t taste it) Some nut milk or water Directions: Place everything in a blender. Add just enough water or milk for it to blend smooth Place it equally in popsicle molds. […]

Unicorn Frappe!

Everyone’s crazy about the Unicorn Frappe!! Soooo I tried to make a pink smoothie with a blue layer but it turned out purple with another shade of purple😂 I used a natural “blue” dye for the light purple color and blackberries for the darker color😜 Oh well! It tastes GOOD so it don’t matter! And […]


Ch ch ch chia… pudding! And guess what. This has a hidden ingredient… KALE! See, eating veggies is easy haha 🙂 This is perfect for morning time because you can make it ahead which means less rushing around!! Just pair with a protein and you’ve got the perfect breakfast! Pure and simple 🙂 Banana Matcha […]

Mug Cake

Looking for something fast and sweet to add to your breakfast meal. This will TOTALLY fit the bill! Cacao Banana Breakfast Mug Cake (print here ) Ingredients: For the cake: ½ banana mashed (about ¼ cup) ¼ cup sweet potato 2 tbsp. applesauce ½ cinnamon ½ tbsp. cacao powder   For the top: ½ tbsp. coconut […]

Banana NICEcream

Looking for a sweet treat? Use natures sweetness instead of adding sugars. We love using fruit to sweeten things so that you still get a lot of nutrients and the sweetness that will satisfy your craving. And if I’m feeling like ice cream this the recipe I go back too time and time again! It’s […]

Banana Cinnamon Roll

Oh cinnamon rolls why do you have to be so good? And, most importantly, why do you have to be filled with empty calories?? Don’t worry! Today I’m sharing a super simple recipe that everyone will enjoy and its made with all the good ingredients 🙂 Who needs Cinnabon anyway? Banana Cinnamon Roll  (print here ) […]