Buttercup Squash

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Buttercup squash is a type of squash with dense, texture flesh and a hard, thin rind. It taste kinda like an acorn squash but more creamy and slightly sweeter. It looks more like a kabocha squash. It’s a great squash to have on hand! WINTER- Sometimes it’s hard to find good sources […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Molasses is a deep, strong flavored sweetener that is usually added to Christmas bakes. It is one of my favorites and it actually has some really good benefits, so now you have an excuse to eat gingerbread men Here were talking about blackstrap molasses which is the one highest in nutrients! IRON- […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday It’s citrus season!! Grapefruit is one of my favs but oranges are pretty close! Lets look at the benefits of eating a daily orange STROKE- Eating citrus can actually help women against having strokes due to a compound found in them COLLAGEN- Vitamin C is a critical component in making collagen. Collagen […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday POMEGRANATES! I love these and I am so sad they are only in season during the winter! I could eat them all year even though they are annoying to peel (I let my dad do that😉) they are worth it!! Arthritis- Pomegranates contain an antioxidant called flavonols. These compounds have been linking […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Pears!! I feel like they don’t get the credit they deserve! The first time I tried pears it was from a container and they were super gross soooo I thought I didn’t like them. BUT I tried a fresh pear when I was like 17 (I know so many years without them!!) […]


Thanksgiving is this week (YAY) so we are sharing a round up of recipes that you can make and share with your family. Thanksgiving is about being around family. This holiday I challenge you to be present the whole time. The holidays are not about the food we eat; its about the connections we make […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Fall time means lots of root vegetables are in season. Parsnips are an awesome root vegetable that not many people know about or use. They can be made into fries, used as a sub in mashed potatoes, or just roasted up and enjoyed with other root vegetables. They have a sweet, earthy […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Cranberries are filled with antioxidants and are prefect this time of year! But this holiday try to use fresh cranberries and make your own cranberry relish instead of buying a can. The canned variety is usually made with high-fructose corn syrup and regular corn syrup making it straight sugar… By making it […]

Oct 31st

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Remember that today is just a day. It can be as normal as you make it. The only thing that changes are little kids come to your house for candy! You shouldn’t stress about eating candy or not eating candy! And guess what… one piece of chocolate is not gonna hurt ya!!! In […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Leeks are a great source of Vitamin K (59% of DRV!) and are in season right now! They have a mild, onion taste and are great cooked in stews and soups! Similar benefits to garlic and onion- You probably already know that eating garlic and onion can help prevent and get rid […]