Delicata Squash

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Delicata Squash! This squash was the first squash I ever liked and know I LOVE all squash!! Its really super easy to make too because you can eat the skin. You just chop it up and throw it in the oven FIBER- Most squash has fiber but a lot of it is […]

Pumpkin Time

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Pumpkin!! Sorry guys but I am not talking about PSLs (which have 50 grams of sugar in them!!!!!!!) I’m talking about the benefits of good ol’ pumpkin! Make sure when buying pumpkin puree you look for cans with only pumpkin in them!! Or you can always make your own by buying pie […]

Acorn Squash

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday It’s squash time!! So today were talking about acorn squash! VITAMIN C- High in Vitamin C which keeps sickness at bay which is very important this time of year! POTASSIUM- Acorn squash is actually one of the highest foods in potassium. One cup gives you 26% of your DRV. Potassium is good […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Apples are in season!! And a perk to living in Michigan is apple orchards are all over so its super easy to get all kinds of different fresh apples! An apple a day right? TEETH- It should be keeps the dentist away! Eating apples can help clean the teeth and gums. Also […]


Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Figs! There are actually a lot of different types too but the most common fig is a black mission. We got tiger figs from our local Door to Door Organics company. Here are some reasons why you should consider picking some up! Do it fast though! They are only in season for […]

WHY? Cabbage

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday   IMMUNE BOOSTER- One of the top vitamin C foods in the world! Red cabbage will definitely be a good one to eat during flu season (1) ANTHOCYANIN- Red cabbage is very rich in a phytonutrient called anthocyanin. It is anti-inflammatory and can help cure arthritis and swollen joints (2) VITAMIN K- […]

WHY? Jalapeños

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Jalapeños 1. Capsaicin- this is a compound found in jalapeños that makes it hot. But it also has other benefits such as increasing metabolism by raising body temperature 2. Kills cancer- Capsaicin has also been found to inhibit cancer cell growth (1) 3. Antimicrobial effects- Jalapeños actually have an inhibitating effect on […]

WHY? Flaxseeds

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Flaxseeds HIGH IN FIBER- Flaxseeds have 8 grams of fiber in an ounce. Flax seeds contain 20-40% of soluble fiber and 60-80% of insoluble fiber. Its important to get some insoluble fiber into your diet because this is what feeds your bacteria in your large intestine! OMEGA 3s- Heres those omegas 3 fats […]

WHY? Broccoli Sprouts

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday Broccoli Sprouts! Which I sprouted myself!! Its super easy too, All you gotta do is buy some broccoli sprouting seeds (we bought the Mumms brand off of Vitacost) Then, in a pint sized mason jar, put one tablespoon of the seeds and fill with water. Place cheese cloth over the top of […]