Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

PLUMS! Another favorite summer fruit is plums!! I love that they are sweet on the inside with a little bit of tart/sourness from the skin. Heres why including plums in your diet could be beneficial…

  1. EASY – plums are easy to toss in a lunch bag and just go. Theres no prep work to eating them, you can just grab and bite. They can be a convenient snack anytime
  2. OSTEOPOROSIS – Plums contain potassium and flavonoids that can be beneficial to keeping your bones healthy. The flavonoids actually help inhibit the deterioration of bone tissue
  3. COGNITIVE – The phytonutrients in plums can help prevent age-related decline in cognitive function. The phytonutrients help reduce inflammation in the neurological areas. This improves learning and memory (1)
  4. GLYCEMIC INDEX – This is important for people with diabetes, a higher glycemic index in food will spike your blood sugar faster than foods with lower indexes. Plums are a low glycemic food and they are even shown to aid in the reduction of blood sugar so these are a perfect food for people with diabetes

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