Garden Veggies!

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Broccoli 🥦 My mom used to make broccoli every night which made me hate it for about 5 years. But no worries I’m back to loving it😉 And I’m glad I am becaus broccoli has some good benefits! We’re growing it in our garden too!

1. GETTING RID OF HEAVY METALS – broccoli has a compound called Isothiocyanate. This compound reduces oxidative stress, carcinogens and toxins in the body.

2. DIGESTIVE HEALTH – the same compound (isothiocyanate) actually helps in the digestive tract as well. It helps fight the harmful bacteria in the gut (the bad bugs) and promotes the good bacteria to grow

3. VITAMINS – broccoli is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and folate!

4. UV RAYS – A phytonutrient called Glucoraphanin in broccoli has been shown to reduce the negative effect of sun exposure (1)



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