Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

MINT! We have mint and chocolate mint growing in our garden (and doesn’t it look beautiful)!! Its super refreshing and great for summer, can’t wait to make some recipes with it. First we gotta talk about the benefits😉

  1. DIGESTION- Mint has been linked to aiding in digestion and has been a natural remedy for many years. It really helps IBS patients! (1)
  2. MICRONUTRIENTS- Herbs are a great way to get in more vitamins and minerals and they are pretty easy to incorporate into meals
  3. BAD BREATH- Mint has always been used for bad breath, but instead of choosing to eat those mints that come in a plastic package try and chew on some fresh mint. It is also antimicrobial so it could help kill the bad bacteria causing the bad breath
  4. BREASTFEEDING- I thought this was interesting, mint water has been used to prevent nipple pain and damage of breastfeeding moms (2) This would be a great thing to try out if breastfeeding has been a problem





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