Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

If you haven’t noticed we love using tahini in everything!! Must be our middle eastern background😉 So I decided to look up what makes tahini so great (who know sesame seeds could make such a good seed butter) here are some of the benefits!

  1. MINERALS- Tahini is rich in many minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron
  2. HEALTHY FATS- Tahini is made up of pretty much all ploy-unsaturated fat and its important to get fat in your diet to get omega-3s and help satisfy you
  3. SKIN HEALTH – since tahini has vitamin E, B vitamins and fatty acids it is perfect for skin rejuvenation. Sesame seed oil was used in ancient cultures for hydrating the skin (1)
  4. COMPLETE PROTEIN – For a protein to be complete it has to have all of the essential amino acids in it and tahini has all of them

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