Chia Seeds

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Chia seeds. You might have seen these in juices or granola or pudding but do you actually know why people like to eat them? Here are some benefits of including chia seeds into your diet

1. Omega 3s – those important fatty acids they developed countries are struggling to get. Good thing chia seeds are pretty high in these types of fatty acids. These are important for inflammation and overall wellness

2. Fiber – in class I learned that the average person gets only 12-15 grams of fiber a day… we should be getting over 25 grams a day and it’s actually quite easy to go over that when your including things like vegetables and chia seeds. These seeds contain about 5 grams of fiber per tablespoon!

3. Plant based calcium – calcium is one nutrient that is hard to get if your dairy free or on a certain diet. Chia seeds provide a good amount of calcium which is super important in maintaining bone density

4. Manganese – chia seeds also contain a pretty high amount of manganese. This is important nutrient so that your body can use other nutrients. It’s kinda like a buddy that just helps everything out


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