Freezer Fudge

Heyyyy its the weekend! Tahini makes like super good fudge! So if you didn’t know that you should definitely make this! Its super creamy, chocolatey and has a nice crunch. All I have left to do for schools is finals then I’m FREE!! Good thing I have this freezer fudge to get me through🙌🏼

Cacao Tahini Freezer Fudge


½ cup tahini

¼ cup cacao powder (some water for this also)

¼ cup date paste (about 4 dates blended with some water)

2 tbsp. buckwheat or seeds/nuts (gives a nice crunch but can omit)



  1. In a small bowl, add tahini and date paste.
  2. In another bowl, combine cacao powder with some warm water slowly, just enough to make a paste, then add this to the tahini
  3. Add the buckwheat and stir
  4. Place mixture into a pan, spread until its ½ inch (In the picture, I did it more like bark but it sets up more like fudge!)
  5. Place in the freezer for at least 1 hour, cut, then store in the freezer

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