Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Okra. I dont think I’ve ever actually tried fresh okra but am excited to soon! We bought okra chips from Trader Joes which were really good so I’m sure I’ll like them!

  1. FOLATE – Folate is so important for pregnancy and lactation. It prevents neural tube defects in babies and should be from natural plant source. Folic acid is the synthetic form that comes from fortified cereals/grains. I would recommend just eating some okra (which has about 10% of the RDA in a half cup), spinach or beans to get your folate
  2. CALCIUM – Were always told to get our calcium from dairy milk but what if your intolerant or just don’t like drinking milk?? It is actually quite easy to get enough calcium as long as you eat a good amount of vegetables each day like okra!
  3. DIABETES – Okra seeds and peels have been found to decrease blood glucose levels and make them more stable. This is important for diabetes patients (1)
  4. VERSATILE – Theres so many ways to eat okra!! The common ones are in gumbo, stews, pickled or fried. So get yourself some okra and get creative



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