Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Elderberries!! These are little berries that are powerful immune boosters!! And Wellness Mama makes it enjoyable to take with her elderberry syrup here! This is how we take it!

  1. FLU FIGHTER- Elderberries contain many compounds that help fight bacteria and viruses that attack your immune system. One study showed that elderberry consumption can reduce the duration and symptoms of a cold (1). There has also been many studies on the flu and elderberries (2)
  2. SINUS INFECTION- Since this berry is anti-inflammatory is can also help with sinus swelling that causes sinus infections
  3. KEEPS YA REGULAR- Elderberry also is a natural diuretic and natural laxative which relieves water retention and constipation
  4. DETOX- Elderflower is also said to act as a detoxification aid by enhancing liver function (the only detox you should be doing )




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