Chocolate Craving?

Sometimes I eat chocolate everyday and sometimes I could care less about it🤷🏻‍♀️ But when I want to eat it everyday I’ve been trying to choose some better options! Things I’ve been loving: raw cacao powder and cacao nibs!! Raw cacao powder has more nutrients and a rich chocolate flavor. I blend it up with milk and a little bit of maple syrup or honey then heat it over the stove or drink it cold!! It really helps kick the chocolate craving without eating a chocolate bar filled with sugar👌🏼 Cacao nibs give you all the benefits of eating chocolate without the sugar and other ingredients! They are apart of the cacao seed and usually are ground to make chocolate liquor which is important in the chocolate making process. I love eating cacao nibs on top of yogurt or smoothie bowls and you can eat them how they come but I love roasting them on a pan for like 3 minutes!! It brings out the chocolate flavor and just makes them taste oh so good

And now for the other kinda healthy chocolate products!! We really love the brand Enjoy Life! They seriously make the best chocolate that is completely allergy friendly and it taste super rich and creamy (like a million times better than any other chocolate chips I’ve ever had). Another brand is Eating Evolved. They make their chocolate using coconut sugar as the only sweetener!! They also have a no sugar option that uses healthy fats like coconut butter and MCT oil! And the last brand we recommend is Pure7Chocolate which we actually used in our valentines day recipe here. They use only honey as a sweetener and have many flavor options!

Finding better options for anything nowadays is pretty easy! There are so many brands out there making different, wonderful products so there is really no reason you need to be going for that candy bar in the check out line of the grocery store (these just have so many ingredients and soooo much sugar)

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