Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Parsley! Its the best herb ever!! Not just a garnish either. I have been raised on parsley being Lebanese. We use it in tabouli, falafel and more! I love the flavor its one of my favorites!! Try it in our falafel recipe here

  1. Vitamin K- Parsley is one of the highest in vitamin K which is good for bone health!
  2. BLOATING- parsley helps stimulate kidney production of urine which helps draw water out of the abdomen
  3. EDEMA- parsley can help soothe and relax the blood vessels, and it works really well to get rid of excess water and mucus. Which is the only herb or vegetable that has this ability (1)
  4. FRESH BREATH- Ever eat something and realize it made your breath smell really bad… well if you have some parsley with you you are very lucky because parsley actually kills the bacteria that causes bad breath!



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