Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Avocado!!! Can you believe I’ve never talked about these? I know me neither! I think a lot of people know avocados are good for them but they might not actually know the reasons. Well here are some😉

  1. FATS- Why are avocados so good for you?? Omega 3 and monounsaturated fats! Which is amazing for your body to help absorb all those fat soluble vitamins (think A, E, D and K) And they have a good amount of fiber too!
  2. POTASSIUM- Avocado actually has more potassium than a banana! (1)
  3. VITAMIN K- One avocado has over half of the DRI for Vitamin K!!! Which is very important in bone development
  4. PAIN RELIEF- I thought this one was pretty interesting. Avocado oil has been linked to a reduction in osteoarthritis pain because of its anti-inflammatory effect! (2)




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