Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

POMEGRANATES! I love these and I am so sad they are only in season during the winter! I could eat them all year even though they are annoying to peel (I let my dad do that😉) they are worth it!!

  1. Arthritis- Pomegranates contain an antioxidant called flavonols. These compounds have been linking to reducing arthritis severity! (1)
  2. FIGHTING- These tiny seeds contain lots of bioactive compounds. These help fight bacterial infections and parasites
  3. MEMORY- Poms are great for memory loss too! Thanks to the polyphenols. There was a study done that showed a group of elderly patients that complained about memory loss. They split the group in two, gave one group pomegranate juice for four weeks and the other group a placebo drink. After four weeks, only the pomegranate juice group showed significant improvements in their verbal and visual memory (2)
  4. VITAMIN K- Pomegranate seeds contain 16% of your RDV of Vitamin K in 1/2 cup. This is a vitamin that is essentially to bone health!





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