Thanksgiving is this week (YAY) so we are sharing a round up of recipes that you can make and share with your family. Thanksgiving is about being around family. This holiday I challenge you to be present the whole time. The holidays are not about the food we eat; its about the connections we make and the times we share. I think a lot of people start to stress out about what they should or shouldn’t eat. When you decide to be mindful instead, you can still enjoy the food and know that you aren’t going overboard. I know some people in the fitness/health world will pick holidays as their days to just gorge themselves. But honestly, I don’t think that is necessary or healthy. Deciding that you will be present with the people around you and the food that you eat will change your focus on the holiday so lets just be thankful we have this time to share!!

Now for the recipes!

I know pumpkin pie is the big dessert but how about also sharing cranberry orange cookies, our pumpkin bake or apple crisp


For the cranberry sauce how about making our cranberry jelly instead of buying it from a can! You can also roast cranberries with your carrots like in this recipe!! It’s super good!


And for a different take on a salad try our warming, shaved Brussels sprouts salad

Something to drink? No problem! Try our super simple lavender syrup and add seltzer water! Super easy and delicious



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