Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Fall time means lots of root vegetables are in season. Parsnips are an awesome root vegetable that not many people know about or use. They can be made into fries, used as a sub in mashed potatoes, or just roasted up and enjoyed with other root vegetables. They have a sweet, earthy flavor similar to a carrot but more starchy. Here are some benefits to trying parsnips this fall/winter!

  1. WINTER SICKNESS- You know when everyone around you is sick… yea thats me right now! But eating parsnips can actually help with this because they contain vitamin C which helps keep your immune system strong
  2. MANGANESE- Manganese is a mineral that is a component to enzymes that affect digestion, wound healing and bone health.
  3. CARBS- Parsnips offer 13 grams of carbs in 1/2 cup serving. This is great to add to meals because it is a starchy vegetable that gives your body energy and those carbohydrates include 2.8 grams of fiber
  4. FEELING FULL- All vegetables can really bulk up your meal without adding a lot of unnecessary calories. And you can benefit so much more because vegetables like parsnips give you vitamin and minerals and is actually what your body wants to eat!

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