Oct 31st

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Remember that today is just a day. It can be as normal as you make it. The only thing that changes are little kids come to your house for candy! You shouldn’t stress about eating candy or not eating candy! And guess what… one piece of chocolate is not gonna hurt ya!!! In fact I like candy!! But I don’t like the fact that it is a processed food with weird ingredients and sold in individual plastic wrappers inside big plastic bags. I would much rather make something thats gonna taste ten times better and and maybe even be a little bit nutritious! I made healthier paydays in this post and then for a halloween special I made peanut butter cups! My WHOLE fam has always loved Reese’s so I wanted to make them as close to the original as possible! And now we have a treat that we can enjoy!! The recipe I came up with is a little more technical and time consuming. If you want the recipe you can message me or you can make the paydays or come up with a candy!! Anyway, enjoy seeing all the little kids in cute costumes😉 And remember to not stress about EVERYTHING you eat!!



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