Candy Makeover

About that candy though… you don’t even have to buy any!! Give your candy a makeover by makin it yourself! You get no perservatives and you have control of what you put in it! These are Payday inspired and they are SO GOOD👌🏼 Sweetened by dates which give you fiber and nutrients! Then any nut butter you want so you really have no excuse to not make these😉 They are wayyyyy better than store bought, trust me!! And another candy recipe coming your way soon😊

Paydays (print here)


¾ cup nuts of choice (we did peanuts and cashews)*

¼ cup tahini or almond butter or peanut butter

6 dates



  1. Place nuts into food processor and pulse one maybe two times, you just want them to be slightly crumbled. Pour into bowl and set aside
  2. Next, add dates to food processor and pulse until a ball forms. Add tahini and pulse to form paste
  3. Scoop out a ½ tablespoon and form into a football shape. Roll in the nut mixture and place on a parchment lined pan. Repeat until the date mixture is gone
  4. Put the pan into the freezer for about an hour. Serve or place into a container and back into the freezer for a frozen treat or in the refrigerator for later!

One thought on “Candy Makeover

  1. […] thats gonna taste ten times better and and maybe even be a little bit nutritious! I made healthier paydays in this post and then for a halloween special I made peanut butter cups! My WHOLE fam has always loved […]


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