Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Leeks are a great source of Vitamin K (59% of DRV!) and are in season right now! They have a mild, onion taste and are great cooked in stews and soups!

  1. Similar benefits to garlic and onion- You probably already know that eating garlic and onion can help prevent and get rid of sickness. Well leeks have similar benefits because they are all part of the allium family
  2. CANCER RISK- The sulfur components in leeks have been found to actually alter theĀ biological behavior of tumors and DECREASE cancer risk!!! These components are found in all allium vegetables (1)
  3. FOLATE- Leeks a great source of folate which is especially important for pregnant women because it helps prevent miscarriages and neural tube defects
  4. ALLICIN- Leeks also contain allicin. This compound produces sulfenic acid which neutralizes the spread of free radicals in your body faster than any other nutrient! (2) Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron in their outer shell. To fill their shell, they will steal electrons from anywhere included DNA and cell membrane which can cause a lot of trouble!





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