Pumpkin Soup

You never can get enough pumpkin foods this time of year😉 And don’t worry you can even use pumpkin for dinner!!! With this pumpkin ginger/curry soup that’s only 7 ingredients and takes maybe 10 minutes to make❤️ It’s super good and great because it’s unfortunaly getting colddddd 😦 HAPPY FRIDAY🎉

Pumpkin Ginger Soup (print here)


3 cups pumpkin puree

1 cup chicken bone broth*

1 tbsp. ginger

1 small onion, diced small (if you want them smaller you can shred it)

1 tbsp. ghee

2 tsp. red curry powder

1 tsp. salt



  1. In a pan, add the ghee and onion, cook until translucent. Add ginger and cook for 10 seconds
  2. Add broth and pumpkin puree. Heat on medium until warm. Stir occasionally
  3. Add curry powder and salt and serve warm


*Might need more broth if using canned pumpkin. We used homemade pumpkin puree which is more watery


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