Pumpkin Time

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Pumpkin!! Sorry guys but I am not talking about PSLs (which have 50 grams of sugar in them!!!!!!!) I’m talking about the benefits of good ol’ pumpkin! Make sure when buying pumpkin puree you look for cans with only pumpkin in them!! Or you can always make your own by buying pie pumpkins and either cutting them and roasting them in the oven or cooking them whole in the instant pot. You can find recipes for both by searching on Google!! Now lets get into why you should eat more pumpkin this fall season

  1. L Tryptophan- Pumpkins contain this chemical compound which has been linked to feelings of well being that can aid in depression! (1)
  2. VITAMIN A- Obviously pumpkins get their orange color from beta-carotene which is the precursor to vitamin A. Pumpkins also give you 19% of your RDV for vitamin C and more potassium than a banana!!
  3.  FIBER- One cup gives you 2.7 grams of fiber to keep your gut happy
  4. CONTROLLING DIABETES- Studies have shown that pumpkin pulp can actually help the absorption of glucose into your tissues. This can help control sugar spikes and crashes (2) But more studies should be done to see which compound is helping and why.





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