Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Apples are in season!! And a perk to living in Michigan is apple orchards are all over so its super easy to get all kinds of different fresh apples!

An apple a day right?

  1. TEETH- It should be keeps the dentist away! Eating apples can help clean the teeth and gums. Also the antibacterial properties help protect your mouth bacteria and viruses (1)
  2. INTESTINAL HEALTH- Apples have been shown to improve the function of the bacteria living in our guts. This can help with the absorption of nutrients and overall digestion (2)
  3. IRON- Apples are pretty high in iron for a fruit which makes them a good choice of fruit in your diet
  4. CRAVING- Apples can help when your craving sugar! In fact, any fruit can help with that. When I am really craving something sweet I tend to go with fruit because I know there are vitamins and minerals and I am not just eating empty calories




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