WHY? Cabbage

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday


  1. IMMUNE BOOSTER- One of the top vitamin C foods in the world! Red cabbage will definitely be a good one to eat during flu season (1)
  2. ANTHOCYANIN- Red cabbage is very rich in a phytonutrient called anthocyanin. It is anti-inflammatory and can help cure arthritis and swollen joints (2)
  3. VITAMIN K- Vitamin K plays a crucial role in maintaining bone calcium which can be helpful in preventing osteoporosis!
  4. EASY PROBIOTIC FOOD- Cabbage means SAUERKRAUT!! And we mean the real, fermented sauerkraut so that you get all the probiotics that are great for your gut bacteria. We make our own and its actually pretty easy to do! It also taste amazing!!





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