WHY? Broccoli Sprouts

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday

Broccoli Sprouts! Which I sprouted myself!! Its super easy too,

  1. All you gotta do is buy some broccoli sprouting seeds (we bought the Mumms brand off of Vitacost)
  2. Then, in a pint sized mason jar, put one tablespoon of the seeds and fill with water. Place cheese cloth over the top of the jar and screw on the lid. Let soak for 6-8 hours.
  3. Drain the liquid and let dry at a 45 degree angle to make sure all the water is drained (I put mine on our dish holder)
  4. Rinse, swirl and drain twice a day, keeping the jar at a 45 degree angle between rinsing. They should sprout in 3-5 days!

Now for the facts!

  1. NUTRITION- You get almost 10 times more antioxidants in broccoli sprouts then eating regular broccoli! This is because your essentially eating a lot of broccoli in a small package
  2. SULFORAPHANE- A powerful plant chemical that has many benefits. These benefits include keeping infections away, reducing asthma, lowering your risk of heart disease and more (1)
  3. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- Surprise!! Veggies are anti-inflammatory!
  4. RICH IN OXYGEN- This can be useful because it helps against viruses, bacteria and abnormal cell growth

1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24114482

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