WHY? Cilantro

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday


  1. HEAVY METALS- Did you know that some heavy metals like aluminum and lead can reside in our bodies and cause all kinds of issues. Cilantro has been shown to loosen this metals from the bodies tissues which helps them be eliminated (1)
  2. ANXIETY- Cilantro can actually relieve anxiety and help you sleep more soundly with its natural sedative properties
  3. UPSET STOMACH- Cilantro has been used for years as an aid to settle stomachs, prevent bloating, relieve indigestion and heartburn. It actually helps your body produce digestive enzymes to breakdown the food and absorb the nutrients
  4. FOOD POISONING- This herb can actually protect your body from toxins and infections. This means it can actually prevent your from getting food poisoning, salmonella and particular listeria. (2)





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