WHY? Kiwi

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday


  1. VITAMIN C- Kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange! One cup provides 275 percent of your RDV
  2. COLLAGEN- Kiwi has been shown to almost double collagen synthesis in your body. Collagen is the foundation of healthy skin and nails (1)
  3. LUTEIN- There is a antioxidant called lutein found in kiwis. This antioxidant helps protect the skin against UV light. This also helps protect the eyes from UV light!
  4. SLEEP- Kiwi contains serotonin which can aid in sleep problems. Kiwi has been shown to increase sleep time and efficiency by 13 percent!! (2)




One thought on “WHY? Kiwi

  1. I love kiwis. Sometimes I eat them before bed to try and help me sleep but I’m not sure if it has ever worked.


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