Fat Fueled Smoothie

Smoothies are known to be a lot of fruit and sugar and some vegetables. One thing that I’ve noticed about eating a smoothie for breakfast is I get hungry like literally right after ( #HANGRY) and I can’t make it through the day without getting tired😕 This is because you raise your blood sugar pretty high after drinking a sugar filled smoothie, and then it drops pretty drastically about 2 hours later which makes your body want more sugar to get more energy. BUT there are many ways to make your smoothies more fat fueled! This will keep you fuller and more satisfied and have better energy!!! Here are some ways to make your smoothies more filling!
1. Use coconut milk as a base
2. Put in avocado in it (plus this makes it super creamy!!)
3. Put an egg yolk in it (kinda weird I know but if you get fresh, pasture raised eggs you don’t really have to worry)
4. Add in nuts or nut butter
5. Use less fruit. I usually do half a banana and maybe some berries
6. Add collagen peptides or a good quality protein powder
7. Add chia or hemp seeds! (Good omega 3 fats)
8. Add cacao powder or cacao nibs (my fav)
Now don’t do all these at once😂 But try a few in your morning smoothie and see if you feel less hangry or less tired!


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