WHY? Beets

Tid Bit(e) Tuesday


Yes I know, when you think of beets you probably don’t think about how delicious they are. You probably think of those smushy ones that come from a can. But seriously guys, fresh beets can be AMAZING! And they are pretty great for you too!

  1. FOLATE- One cup of beets provides 34% of the RDV for folate
  2. HEALTHY EYES- The betacarotene found in beets prevents eye problems and diseases like cataracts (1)
  3. BRUISING EASILY??- Could be caused by lack of vitamin C and flavonoids which makes your capillaries weak. There two things are both found in beets!
  4. HEART HEALTH- The fiber in beets helps lower cholesterol (LDL) and triglcerides by 30-40%. And it also increases HDL cholesterol (2)
  5. LIVER- Something in beet juice called betaines helps with liver function and fatty liver disease (3)(4)






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