There are a lot of different people in this world. And some of those people care about their health. And some of those people even go so far to categorize their health with a word (paleo, vegan, etc). So why is that a problem? Following a certain type of diet could cause you to take foods out that can benefit you and/or eat foods that can be hazardous. For example, someone could be following a vegan diet and be eating bread all the time but then realize that gluten has been causing their brain fog and fatigue after eating meals containing bread. You see what I mean? The basic vegan diet says bread is good for you and you can eat it all the time but for this person it was causing them to live a less healthy, vibrant life.

We need to stop trying to be like one another. Just because someone on Instagram has the “perfect” legs DOES NOT mean you should copy everything they eat and hope you turn into them. We are all different and that is OK! It just means are bodies need different things and no one should be judged on what they choose to eat or not to eat (regarding unprocessed foods, you should always try to avoid processed foods).

Putting a title on your eating habits only creates stress and a way for people to judge you. For example, lets say I call myself paleo and post a picture of me eating cheese. Well guess what, some people in this world (that have no life but to talk about other peoples’ life on social media) will be there to tell me it’s not paleo… I see it all the time with the health conscious people I follow.  And on a side not, why is it that people do not care at all if someone is eating 3 Big Macs, a large shake and a large fry, but if someone brings a salad for lunch people EXPLODE. Saying “Are you trying to lose weight,” “Wow, you’re so healthy,” “You have good willpower,” “If only I could eat like you,” and my personal favorite “This is why you’re so skinny.” I have been told all of these things many times… Can we just agree to only look at our own plates because that is the only plate that matters.

To sum it all up… Stop putting titles on yourself and stop putting titles on other people. EAT REAL FOOD! Some people do really well with fruit, some people do really good eating starchy carbs, some people do really well eating mostly fat. We are all different and our diets should reflect that. There are so many pure and simple foods that we have in our world and its your choice to eat what makes you feel best. So my advice to you is to stop following a one-size-fits-all “diet” plan and start eating the foods that you feel help you live your healthiest life 🙂


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