These are the perfect types of meals for super quick and simple healthy eating. You can probably find a power bowl on any of your favorite Instagram foodie accounts. They provide all the good things in a pure and simple way! Mine usually include a sweet potato base, some kind of green, roasted vegetables, protein, and a yummy dressing or just a squeeze of lemon. I honestly just throw whatever is in the fridge on top and enjoy. Really simple!!



2 handfuls kale
Some leftover cooked green beans and mushrooms
Some kalamata olives
Dijon mustard (make sure to get no sugar added)
Primal Greek dressing (the BEST)



Sweet potato (about 1/2 cup, mashed)
2 handfuls kale
Tuna mixed with lemon juice
Roasted veggies



Can of tuna mixed with 1/2 avocado + lemon juice
Sweet potato rounds
Cauliflower rice

Hope these give you some inspiration and show you that eating healthy can be pure and simple! 🙂

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