What’s with the MEAT?

We are consuming WAYY too much processed and conventional raised meat! And we give our thanks too… FAST FOOD! Pretty much all fast food restaurants use grain-fed, antibiotic meats. Now a few of you might already know this, but some could be thinking “well, what’s wrong with that?” Well number one, we are becoming resistant to antibiotics because they are in EVERYTHING! And the only reason meat producers use antibiotics in their animal feed is to make their animals bigger, meaning more meat and more profit 😦 Some restaurants are going antibiotic free, which is great… BUT they switched to using growth hormones. For me, that is not good enough and I will continue to stay away from fast food restaurants. And, if you’re concerned about your health, I advise you to just make your own food pure and simple!

So what’s with the whole grass-fed versus grain-fed?

Grass fed beef has 2-4 TIMES more Omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed. (source) Why is that important? Americans are getting a lot of Omega-6 fatty acids from processed meat and vegetable oils. Our Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratio should be 1:1… the average American has a ratio of about 15:1!!!! Grass-fed meat is also higher in vitamins and minerals like vitamin E (linked with a lower risk of heart disease and cancer), beta-carotene, calcium and magnesium (both good for bone health), and potassium (source).

(Oh and you shouldn’t worry about cholesterol in meat! I think this post sums it up very well. Check it OUT)

And another reason you should be making your own hamburgers is there are over 100 DIFFERENT COWS in ONE McDonalds hamburger. Yea, I was shocked when I heard that too!

I know what everyone is thinking… this is expensive! And I agree, grass-fed, organic meat is more expensive. But lets say you take the money you would usually spend on meat and just spend it on good quality meat. Yes you will probably be buying less meat BUT it is better to be getting the more nutrient dense food (grass-fed meat) and eating less of it than eating the meat that is made with chemicals and fillers (grain-fed, conventional meat). TIP! If you buy a cow or half a cow from a local farmer it is usually cheaper than buying all that meat from a store. Just make sure you have a big enough freezer 🙂

Some my ask “So, do you ever go anywhere to eat?”And the answer is yes, I do. And when going over to a friends house or going to a restaurant I don’t worry about it. I am AWARE  of what I’m eating and the choices I am making. And if I see a grass-fed burger on a restaurant menu, you better believe I will be getting it 🙂

Again, it is just about being aware of the food you eat and making pure and simple decisions with the knowledge you have learned!

One thought on “What’s with the MEAT?

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