The Great Debate

Butter Vs Margarine

This debate started decades ago. Vegetable oils have been overly recommended for years because they are “heart healthy.” Oils like these are heavily processed because the seeds that make them are not very oily to begin with. That is why producers have to use CHEMICALS to extract the oils… Yea, I don’t think we should be consuming that. Lets dig into this process a little more. They start with the rapeseed (which is usually GMO grown). It is then washed with a hexane solvent, then with sodium hydroxide. After, they take the waxes from the seeds and use it to make margarine. The margarine is now a grayish color so they have to bleach it AND it doesn’t smell very good so they deodorize it… YUM!

And I want to point out that we didn’t start consuming a lot of vegetables oil until about the 1950s when the public was told to stay clear of saturated fat. And now look at us! The average American consumes about 85 pounds of fat a year, and that’s mostly from vegetables oils.

I do not believe we need to be eating these heated, deodorized and bleached vegetable oils! There are so many other oils out there like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and BUTTER! To compare these oils lets talk about how olive oil is made (and I’m talking about the REAL stuff but that is a WHOLE other blog post haha!) First they start with the olive tree, where they pick the olives at the perfect time of ripeness (a lot of good companies wont even use olives that fall off the tree for their oils!) The second step is grinding the olives into a paste, and then they mix that paste for 20-40 minutes so that the oil concentrates. Third step is to separates the oil from the other olive components. THAT’S IT! Olives are naturally oily so you don’t have to work as hard which means it is less processed. Butter is made by separating the cream from the milk, which happens naturally. Then churning or mixing that mixture and taking the remaining liquid (buttermilk) out. You see what I’m trying to say? Oils like these are pure and simple and that’s kinda what we’re all about 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Great Debate

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