The Bitterness of Sugar

There are a MILLION different types of sugar like I mentioned in the last post. And they are put into pretty much every processed food out there. Lets start by talking about the American diet history. Cutting out fat was all the rage a couple decades ago. And how do you make foods still taste edible without fat??? You add in TONS of sugar. And not only did we take out the bad fats like trans fat but people also started to fear good fats like coconut oil, olive oil and butter 😦 In 1980 the US issued its first dietary guidelines. In a post by Ian Leslie titled “The Sugar Conspiracy,” he explains what happened after they did this. “We replaced steak and sausages with pasta and rice, butter with margarine and vegetable oils, eggs with muesli, and milk with low-fat milk or orange juice. But instead of becoming healthier, we grew fatter and sicker.” Yup I believe it. He goes on to say, “Just 12% of Americans were obese in 1950, 15% in 1980, 35% by 2000. Type 2 diabetes, closely related to obesity, has risen in tandem.” So why did this happen? They said this will be better for us, they said it will help us be healthier. The only thing they accomplished in my opinion was making people more confused about health than ever before.

Americans started cooking less and eating processed foods more. And processed foods gave us higher amounts of fructose and glucose. Glucose is what your body uses as energy first, then it moves to fructose but usually we don’t need that energy and it is then stored as fat. But our bodies are not designed to process all that extra sugar. And if insulin cannot regulate it, meaning the blood sugar level is high, inflammation happens. High blood sugar causes are bodies to produce more free radicals. These molecules then go through the body and damage cells. This causes your body to stimulate an immune response, which can inflame the lining of the blood vessels leading to the heart. That is why we have seen a rise in obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Inflammation is the cause of disease.

Now lets clear some stuff up, when we eat sugar in whole foods, called complex carbohydrates, they digest slower because they are paired with fiber, fat and protein. This means we will not get that sugar high or crash so our bodies will be able to handle it.

I can’t tell you never to eat added sugar or processed foods again, and that is not why I am writing this. I simply want to give you the information so that you can make healthy decisions for yourself 🙂

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