Inflammation What?

So what is this inflammation stuff? To put it simply it is the way your body protects you from foreign particles. So it really is a good thing to have… but not in large amounts. The immune system triggers inflammatory responses for many reasons but were gonna talk about food and how the average America diet, with highly processed foods, is causing A LOT more inflammation! Were gonna focus on some specific foods that cause inflammation but, unfortunately, the list is very long 😦  This also gives you a basis of what you can start limiting in your diet and see if there is a different in how you feel. These are the biggest causes for most people.

Guess what the number one inflammatory food is. Go on guess. Yup it’s SUGAR! And what do Americans love? Sugar. Unfortunately food producers put sugar in pretty much everything and they are sooo sneaky about it. Sugar can be hidden under fructose, sucralose, glucose, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin and many, many more. Trying to avoid it is kinda impossible unless you start making everything yourself! And that is kinda insane, especially when your first starting out on the road to the healthiest you! Just start by being aware of how much sugar your consuming daily and LOOK AT YOUR LABELS!

Ok so number two is VEGETABLE OIL. Just because it vegetable is in the name does NOT make it healthy, sorry. Guess what food companies’ use a lot… you got it, vegetable oil. Ohhhh when will they learn? Now, we recommend not eating processed food but if your gonna, please, please buy stuff that uses something different than vegetable oil like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, etc. So again, just read your labels. Oh and watch this video from Discovery’s “How It’s Made.” In this video, they explain how canola oil is made and they actual say it is the “best oil for you”… then they wash it with chemicals and bleach! You decide. watch it!

Number three. SYNTHETIC SWEETENERS. Yea that diet coke your drinking is still not good for you. One time I heard this lady say, “Oh can I have the FAKE sugar instead.” Did she even hear what she just said? She wants to put something fake into her body?? I don’t understand. If you are dying and need something sweet, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT use synthetic sugar (use honey or maple syrup or even better eat a banana). Oh and did we mention, synthetic sweeteners actually make you crave more sweets… that means you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Four, PROCESSED MEAT. You know that mystery meat from the school cafeteria? Yea, you could’ve guessed… it messed with your body. Processed meat can hide pretty much everything, including sugar, vegetable oil and possible carcinogens… yea. Our first choice is to buy free-range, grass-fed meat because not only is it the healthiest (we will get into it another time) but it also is so much better for the Earth. Now we know that some people cannot afford that so we recommend buying the best quality meat you can afford. And just be mindful of how it is made and what is doing to your body.

We just wanted to give you some information of how your diet can affect your health. Takeaway message: Processed food is not your friend. We will talk about all these in more detail soon! But for know we just wanted to give you something to think about, food for your brain!

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